Our Vision

Currently Erika has a private FB group to inspire, empower, and educate others on conscious sexuality. As a Latina woman in 2017, sexuality as a minority is taboo. Erika's intention and goal is to create events around sexuality and bring some of the best educators to her event. One year from now Erika plans to have events outdoors, have organic foods, and bring in the best sex experts. In addition, Erika plans to write a memoir, create YouTube videos, and collaborate with sex toy companies. 

Wherever you went, Sister, with whatever challenges you had to endure, I was there. You did not know me. I did not know you. But I was there by your side , and you were by mine.
— Mama Gena (Pussy: A Reclamation

Erika Achievements 

  • Erika has been interviewed by LA Street Angel 
  • Erika has healed a client with 7 years of ED and using Viagra to breakthroughs in his sexuality
  • Erika has been featured on the Violet Butterfly
  • Erika has lead 2 powerful events. One was women only, and the other one was a co-ed event this past Spring. 
  • Erika has been on Destin Gerek's Evolved Masculine team, one of the top sex experts and speakers on sexuality.
  • Erika has spoken at multiple online summits: Pleasurethon and Self-Love Summit
  • Erika has interviewed the following Sex-Experts: Destin Gerek, Alexa Martinez, Ej Love, Amy Jindra, Gaia (BDSM Lifecoach) 
  • Erika has been featured on the following podcast: (Kaleidoscope radio, Nick at Night podcast, and the Prismatic Academy Podcast.  
  • Erika is also collaborating with the Waterslyde