Just wanted the time to thank Erika Briones for our healing EFT session the other day. It’s been two months since I was raped, and I am accepting the healing from the beautiful, unexpected places. Healing does not come from repression, suppression, or ignoring it. It comes from acknowledgment and acceptance and love. Thank you!
— Erin R, Sex Coach| Florida
Erika is a very clear and compassionate coach, and she encouraged me to go as deep as I could possibly go on my FIRST session with her. One hour with Erika is worth more than 10 hours with a pyschotherapist- because I had a real genuine breakthrough and healing, seeing, and holding myself deeply and rewriting deep seated beliefs that were ruining my life in more ways than one. Even though I had to feel tough emotions, I came out knowing a piece of me was healing. I felt greater access to joy and presence in my life and could really meet each experience freshly in the moment. I felt so safe with Erika...
— Lauren Searles, Sex Coach
I had the most spectacular healing session with Erika Briones, she’s a truly gifted healer and we are all working on building a stronger foundations and reclaiming my power back. Healing is something we all deserve and I know if we do the homework and open our hearts to Erika’s suggestion and techniques we will achieve that peace. Great, wonderful experience, full of tears. Onto many more sessions.
— Raquel Rojas, Actress & Model
Ok, here is my testimonial: “I have been working on my self-healing for the past year and have met many spiritual awakened beings along my path. Erika is one such being I was drawn to connect with recently. I had a coaching session with her and in that session I became very aware of a major block. She taught me some very good techniques on how to better connect with myself on the road to self-love, and healing. She really cares and has a passion for helping others become the best version! A truly lovely woman!
— Single Mother