Why are you here?

You still ask the questions:
"Why am I lonely?"
"Why am I still having bad sex?"

You have some of the most amazing friends, you meditate everyday, and have a great career, but when it comes to sex you are still uncomfortable. 

Everyone tells you that you are beautiful, however, deep inside inside don't believe it yourself. 

As for the sex piece, you get uncomfortable to even talk about it. When you have sex, you go through the symptoms of fight, flight, or freeze. 

You need sex to avoid your true feelings of uncomfort (freeze).
You run away from a good partnership since you been hurt too long, and rather avoid the idea of vulnerability (flight).
You become co-dependent or angry when you don't have what you want causing you to self-sabotage the relationship (fight).

Are you ready for the next-level? 

Picture this. 

You are walking to your favorite places. You live alone, and have this feeling of passion stirring in your blood. When you meet a new potential love interest, you are letting go of your attachments from the past. Then you are looking at this new love interest like a new canvas. When you are in the bedroom, you are feeling invigorated. You see this person with new eyes. You ask for what you want. If you want to be on top, you simply make it happen. There is no hesitation is trying something new. You are now someone who deals with emotions powerfully. When you surrender to your partner to are able to crave sexuality with a healthy appetite. You are infinite. You transcend sex. You are multi-orgasmic.