How does Sexual Self-Mastery Work?

Sexual Self-Mastery is a 12 week program to learn how to master your sexual energy. The videos are High Quality made videos designed to learn at your own pace. This is a home-study course, and can be watched alone or with a partner. No partner required. In this training you will be guided through by Destin Gerek. The video also gives you two live Tantra models who will be guiding you through the ESE (Erotic Self-Exploration) practice. In this practice, you will be given various points of focus each week. The modules will guide you through visual, movement, breathe, sound, and the ESE practice. In addition you will get 1 on 1 coaching via Zoom with your Evolved Masculine coach, Erika Briones.


Real people, Real Results

*Disclaimer: No names are mentioned due to confidentiality agreements. Video Testimonials coming soon...


Case Study #1

I had sex in a long time, and lasted longer than I ever have before! Thank you!

-Bill, 6 Figure Earner, Entreupreuner



Case Study #2


I just wanted to share some of the amazing shifts in my life since starting to work with Erika Briones only 6 weeks ago on the Evolved Masculine. Sexually I expected lots of changes, and I will go into them later in the post, but I have been surprises on the massive changes in my overall life.

First of all my awareness and engagement with myself has changed dramatically, I’ve got to know myself in ways I had blocked out for years due to fear of failure and given me clarity on my motivations and emotions as well as a laser focused connection to my physical self. Shameless self promotion but I have started a podcast, something that scared the living hell out of me, but with my new found clarity and the focusing of my energy, I have took the steps I always held back on and the first episode is due in the next two weeks!

Sexually I can’t tell you just how much benefit I have seen since working with Erika. Before starting the Evolved Masculine I was anxious about sex, ranging from 3-6 out of 10 on my anxiety scale, I feel physically nervous in sexual encounters. I luckily have an amazing partner who would be patient as I got more frustrated with myself, but since working on getting to know my sexual responses and getting out of my head I now have zero anxiety and in fact that anxiety has turned into excitement and a crazy energy that makes sex an adventure of discovery rather than a anxiety laden ride! I last longer, my erections are going no where, we have sex for over and hour and the connection I feel to my partners unlike anything I’ve felt! And believe me she is loving the progress we are making.

I honestly could go on and on! My skin looks better, my friendships are deeper and I feel like I can connect to anyone now!

Paul, Scotland, Podcast Host