SPRING YOUR SEXY BACK    6 week course to clearing out the sex blocks to get sexual radiance        The intention of this course is to clear out old programming, scripts, and old habits when it comes to sex. We will look through the lense of mother nature. To grasp the best sense of this course, we will examine the root cause of sexual blocks through the various aspects of a tree. In these next 6 weeks your intention is to remove the old way of thinking around sex, sensuality, and sexual confidence. I will be guiding you, and my responsibility to teach you this system. In Spring Your Sexy Back you will have a homework each week, a buddy, and a private FB group. Your transformation is a result of your participation. In addition, there will be an audio version, transcripts, and everything will be pre-recorded. There will be group support designed to implement this practice that you will not find anywhere else. Let’s begin your quest!       *Additional reminders: The course launches 4/4 at 4:44pm. The first video will be pre-recorded and launched on Monday and on Friday’s will be our group coaching call via Zoom. You are encouraged to have notebook, and responsible for completing the homework assignments.        This course is valued at $7,000 and yours for only $169. Payment Plans are also available. For additional questions, please email Erika Briones at erikabrionesofficial@gmail.com        WHO THIS IS FOR:      You must be 18 and older      You must be coachable      You must be willing to participate in the weekly calls       You must be willing to commit to this program and play full-out          PROMISES      I promise to facilitate in helping you have a transformational experience.      I promise to help facilitate in you feeling lighter than you arrived.      I promise to assist you to leave the clutter and stepping into the SEXIEST version of yourself      I promise to help facilitate a group experience where we focus on becoming sexually radiant.         WHAT I WILL NOT TEACH      This course does not teach theory, philosophy, or sexology      This course does not teach techniques         MY INTENTION and COMMITMENT      My intention is to hold you accountable to your word and promise around healing anything that needs to be healed around sex      My intention is to teach you ancient practices that has healed a few miraculous cases in my experience.      My intention is to always come from love above all else      My intention is not to make you happy and if it means I call you out forward then I will do so         My commitment is to have you feeling sensually self-aware of your mind, body, and  heart connection.    My commitment is for you to dare yourself to go where you never been before.    M commitment is for you to see different parts of yourself that you have not explored in your sensual body.    My commitment is to reflect the light and shadow of who you are.    My commitment is to bust through the myths around sex.