Dear Seeker,

Remember, you are not your story. As someone who has studied film, and learning about the Hero’s Journey I learned that what we all have in common is we strongly desire more. While we want more sex, more, money, more pleasure. If you feel blocked in sexuality, love, passion, money, and creativity, then you are not here for accident. There is no accident why you are here. If you are curious about what Erika is offering, then search below to determine what fits your needs.


Sexual Self-Mastery

The Sexual Self-Mastery program is a 3-month transformational journey that will help you establish a closer relationship with your sexual energy as an energy. This understanding will be transmitted to you in part by a 20-video series which includes demonstrations from individuals who have achieved this mastery. They will guide you through a series of what we call “Erotic Self-Explorations,” each designed to develop your capability to master separate tools for erotic expression. Another goal of this program is to bring you to a place of ejaculatory choice, or having control over when, or even IF, you ejaculate during intercourse or self-exploration. You will be guided through this process with weekly coaching calls where you discuss with a licensed Evolved Masculine Coach your particular challenges that arise from engagement with this material. You will maintain an online journal of your progress through these exercises. In this case your Evolved Masculine Coach will be Erikaa Briones.


Men looking to overcome challenges:
-Performance Anxiety
-Erectile Dysfunction
-Porn Addiction
-Premature Ejaculation

Case Study:

”My awareness and engagement with
myself has changed dramatically.I’ve Got
to Know myself in ways I had blocked out for years due to fear of failure…I have started a podcast, something that scared me, but with new found clarity and the focusing on my energy. I have zero anxiety and in fact that anxiety has turned into excitement and a crazy energy that makes sex an adventure of discovery rather than an anxiety laden ride!” -Paul, SCOTLAND


Evolved Masculine Path

The Evolved Masculine Empowerment program is a 3-month transformational journey that will have you create what we call an “evolved masculine archetype,” or a vision of yourself 2-3 years in the future, a man or woman who has walked the path you are on and come out the other side. Stronger, more confident, solid in himself and his purpose. Then, you will be given practices through a 20-video series to help you anchor him into your body, the way you hold yourself, the way you dress, speak, and ultimately in your external world, your home.

Erikaa will be your Evolved Masculine coach for this journey. Erikaa is available to teach these principles to the right woman who is seeking this level of transformation.


Men or Women looking to overcome challenge:
-Sexual Confidence

Case StudY

”Working with Erikaa has been an incredibly powerful experience in my life. She has not only guided me towards self-truths that I needed to realize, but given me the power to reshape my own life and legacy. her devotion to the little details and personal passions are what make her special. She truly devotes herself to you, your growth, because it benefits everyone. Through her dedication, i’ve seen a marked transformation in my attitude, perspective, and inner-peace. I don’t think I could ever go back to the old way of things, seeing how much better my life and personal outlook are now after working with her.” -John


Urban Presence Method (5-Step Method)

Urban Presence Method is designed to clear the blocks around sex, love, money, creativity. We specialize in sexual trauma. This is accomplished by fusing various modules that lead you in a specific, meticulous sequence to release the charge over past events. We recommend 4 sessions to gain the best results. My teacher once told me, “We must unlearn to remember.” I feel we have writers block, feel sexually blocked, or financially blocked because we are putting our past in our present.

These blocks usually are a charged memory, and through this method we are confident this will let you leaving feeling lighter, calmer, and gaining freedom from the past. We trust this will have you quantum leaping into the best you possible.


This is for anyone looking to overcome challenges:
-Sexual Trauma

Case StudY

“Erika is a very clear and compassionate coach, and she encouraged me to go as deep as I could possibly go on my FIRST session with her. One hour with Erika is worth more than 10 hours with a PSYCHOTHERAPIST- because I had a real genuine breakthrough and healing, seeing, and holding myself deeply and rewriting deep seated beliefs that were ruining my life in more ways than one. Even though I had to feel tough emotions, I came out knowing a piece of me was healing. I felt greater access to joy and presence in my life and could really meet each experience freshly in the moment. I felt so safe with Erika...” -Lauren


DNA Soul Activation Readings

Your Soul has a DNA blueprint. Before we came into this human form, our being has been a chamber of light and sound. We all have light. We are told by energy healers, doctors, and those who have passed, that when we die, we go “into the light”. Our being is ultimately light and sound. Science have shown that DNA can not only be measured through hair, saliva, and blood, it can also be picked up in music. This reading is designed to get clarity on your core soul’s desire.

Erikaa has been doing readings, channeling, and having visions before 14 years young. She has a passion for personal development, spirituality, and various healing modalities. We trust that this will accelerate your inner software to be more conscious of your genius.


Anyone looking for spiritual answers using

channeling or psychic intuition.

Case StudY

”I just had a life changing session with Erika. Thank you so much for sharing your abilities. Erika just did some psychic channeling for me. Incredible insights about my past and future. Practical too so I know exactly what to do to grow my self, business, and purpose. Thanks also to the divine beings that speak through her. “ Miro


One-On-One Intensives with Erika

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If you are looking for in-person training,

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