Online Access to Grateful Goddess (GG)


Online Access to Grateful Goddess (GG)

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You desire to become that woman you always dreamed of becoming.

Do you find yourself saying, “potential” several times?

Maybe you have an idea to start a business?

Maybe you have a fear of asking for more?

Maybe you feel stuck…spinning your wheels?

This program is designed to let go of certain programmings around certain female archetypes:

  • The Lover: seductive, arousal, passion create. Challenges: Low self-esteem, focus, vanity (Marilyn Monroe complex)

  • The Maiden: Empathic and creative. Challenges: Co-dependency, drawn to toxic or dangerous relationships.

  • The mother: Nurturing, persistent, compassionate. Challenges: self-neglect, stubborn, difficulty letting go of children. (Brady Bunch mother)

  • The Queen: Loyalty, Leadership. Challenges: Competition, Narrow minded. (Oprah)

  • The Huntress: Self-Reliant, courage. Challenges: Aloof, emotionally unavailable, cold. (Women’s movement activists).

  • The Sage: The fixer, wise woman, worldliness. Challenges: Frigid, emotionally unavailable, aloof.

  • The Witch: Mystical, medicine woman, healer. Challenges: manipulative, trickster.

    We mostly will focus on masculine archetypes at first: King, Warrior, Lover, Magician.

    What makes this course different from others is:

  • 2 Live monthly training including archetypal clears, inspired by the Spiral modality.

  • Discounts to the Spiral (Valued $1500)

  • 1-2 experts a month.

  • 20 Monthy Practices.

  • Lifetime access to GG membership.

  • Sisterhood support and coaching from Erikaa.

  • Unlimited resources.

Take Advantage of Round 1 til 12/28/19

Next Round 2/2/20

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