DNA Activations


DNA Activations


What is DNA activation?

A lot of our internal physical and emotional issues are stored on a cellular level. An actual DNA has characteristics that are qualities of someone or something.

Science claims the DNA is interchangeable.

A lot of us are told nature vs nurture affects our personality, temperament, and way of being.

In today’s civilization with countless healers, anything can be transmuted and transformed.

Through Human Design and Gene Keys, we can re-design our internal programming.

In a DNA Activation reading, Erikaa will channel for you, pull tarot, and look at what emotional meridians affecting you.

I recently healed someone’s headache and through the power of belief, anything can change.

We as humans are that powerful.

We do not claim to cure life-alterating diseases or any rare diseases, what we can promise is you will have clarity and insight into your next step of action.

Our intention is for you to feel liberated, peaceful, and tranquil after a session.

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