Chakra Clearing


Chakra Clearing

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*I REPEAT this is not a massage. Due to California guidelines, I am under law to not call this a massage. or body work.

While there are bodywork or a massage component, the intention of the chakra clearing is to clear your chakras with the Chinese meridians system, chakra system, Spiral dynamics, and scale of consciousness.

This is also NOT reiki.

While I will use various healing modalities or the Spiral as my guide, my intention is harmony in the body.

I do not promise to heal life-alterating illnesses or long-term ED. I do promise that you will have clarity, and LEAP into deeper insight on what emotional blocks are holding you back.

I am travel between San Diego and Los Angeles. If you want to schedule a chakra clearing, then book a session with me in the link below.

Book under clients due to the high volume of calls.

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