The Power of Unplugging Your Technology Through Tantra: An Exclusive Interview with Daniel and Rachel Alcyone from Ecstatic Existence

The Power of Unplugging Your Technology Through Tantra: An Exclusive Interview with Daniel and Rachel Alcyone from Ecstatic Existence


Technology is an amazing form of communication, on the other hand, lately we have been seeing more atrocities in the media than ever before. Peter Diamandis once said “if it bleeds it leads” in relation with seeking the red or rubbernecking type newsfeed. Research findings state that the amygdala is programmed to anticipate the bad news. The amygdala is a section of the brain responsible for emotions. Now how does this tie in to the headline of Tantra?

Before I talk about the elephant in the room of sex or intimacy, the good news is that there are ancient technologies like mundras, breathwork, and spiritual practice to retrain the mind to be in the flow state. While many millennials follow the Kardashians or the next "It" couple, instead, I follow the spiritually awake lovers for mind-blowing sexcapades.

One of my favorite couples that I constantly see on my Facebook popping up is Daniel and Rachel. A few months ago I saw Daniel doing several videos about mudras and how these ancient hand positions can connect one to his or her higher self. What got my attention besides his unique edgy style and powerful charismatic voice was his love story to his wife Rachel Alcyone.


After learning how Daniel and Rachel met which is energetically felt in the recording then one may notice the quality of listening and conversing with each other. In this recording, you will hear some of my edgiest questions regarding the recent shootings and their unorthodox approach to the recent happenings. Their approach was to unplug from Netflix especially with our present day couples, communicating next to each other on social media. My favorite part of this recording besides their personal story was the sexy aspect of Tantra. Before I got into Tantra I believed it was where everyone held hands in a circle and sang Kumbaya. One movie that replays in my mind is Coneheads. This out of the bottle or fictional futuristic film, begins with alien family stranded on planet earth until they figure out a way to return back to their alien planet. In one scene the daughter Connie and her boyfriend Ronnie after prom decided to finally have not only sex but alien sex. While sitting squarely away and staring at each other, they are touching their hands palms to palms except wearing a device called the “orgasmatron”. This contraption looks like a vibrating circular Christmas Wreath. Ever since this movie scene, I imagined that was Tantra.


For those that do not know Daniel and Rachael state how Tantra can simply be looking at each other's eyes and breathing in synchronicity. The art is what seems like a staring contest, however, if done correctly can create an incredible euphoria. Tantra in the Sanskrit language means “weave” and in this practice one is weaving masculine and feminine energy in and out. If done correctly one can reach orgasm without penetration, simply by being present with each other.

For those couples out there whether new or lifelong, I invite you to listen to this conversation. Perhaps after hearing the sexy sections of this audio then one can go grab your partner, unplug your phone, and just be with each other from across the room. I double dare you to not only have a staring contest but a ninja type breathing contest. Even though it may feel alien, at least you learned a new sex tip of the day.

For those interested in learning mundras from Daniel or female empowerment from Rachel, the best way to reach them is at  To plug in with them virtually check out their facebook or instagram at Ecstatic Existence. If one is in the Seattle area, I highly recommend reaching out to Daniel and Rachel.


Erika Briones