The Renaissance Bachatero: Pushing Humanity Forward through Bachata: Introducing Jorge Contreras



What is a Renaissance bachatero? The word Renaissance literally means, “rebirth” in French. The imagery is an individual well-rounded in a variety of areas from dancing, personal development, fitness, and other aspects of intellectual life. In terms of dancing Jorge’s gift is the dance of bachata. Bachata as my friend Serena once said, “is the sexiest dance on the planet.” Bachata, a dance originated in the Dominican Republic, is a social dance, known specifically for its hip-movement, and body movement, and specific footwork. Jorge Contreras is known in the Bachata community as a pioneer in this movement and has well established a name for himself with the dance company, Que Rico. He’s known world-wide for fusing different elements into his dance pieces like hip-hop, tango, and contemporary.


What makes Jorge, specifically in my opinion a, Renaissance bachatero, is his ability to invest his time into personal development. What captured my attention about Jorge was his connection to MindValley. This company is founded by Vishen Lakhiani, a learning experience company teaching principles like personal growth, health, spirituality, and more. MindValley has been featured on The Huffington Post, Forbes, Inc magazine, and has worked with some of the top leaders and entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson, Marisa Peers, Peter Diamandis, Psalm Isadora, and many others.


One of the awesome aspects of MindValley is their event, Afest, once called Awesomeness Fest, an invite-only event and what makes this exclusive is bringing extraordinary individuals from artist, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and more, with the intention of pushing humanity forward. Seeing dancers like Jorge invest his time into learning how to push humanity to the next level is what makes Jorge a world-rounded dancer.


For my dancers out there who want to learn how to go from an ordinary dancer to an extraordinary dancer I recommend you watch these following videos. In the featured videos you will learn the following:


  1. Jorge Contreras ‘s experience attending AFest and him sharing a story related to Michael Jackson and the interesting connection to fireflies.

  2. How can a dancer push humanity forward?

  3. His love story with his girlfriend Stephany Diaz and advice on dating, especially for the single ladies

  4. How can we solve the issue of infidelity, a common issue I see trending in my dance scene

  5. Jorge’s story from the hospital recovery to healing himself through nutrition and mindfulness.

  6. Jorge sharing the importance of self-care especially for the modern dancers

In this portion of the video Jorge introduces himself, and what he learned from MindValley, and the lessons from Michael Jackson about fireflies, and how that relates to pushing humanity forward.

In this portion of the video Jorge shares about his girlfriend Stephany Diaz and how she inspired him with nutrition as well as sharing some dating advice, especially for the ladies out there.

In this portion of the video Jorge shares his nutrition secrets and even talks about cravings and how to get those dance hips working in one's favor.


Before posting this video I will be honest, I was very hesitant to post it, however, I believe this message is important to hear. In this portion of the video we talk about about infidelity in the scene and how it has affected and violated many woman's boundaries. 


Also wanted to share that a few months after this interview, I was also accepted to attend AFest, and very grateful! Mostly grateful for Jorge Contreras for his time in this video. If anyone has questions about dancing or anything related to personal development or real estate, one can reach him on social media on Facebook and Instagram @ Jorge Contreras.


Also want to thank my photographer Miko Aquino, and he can be found on Instagram and Snapchat @Mikowashere


Thank you,

Erika Susana Briones