About Erikaa

Erikaa latest accomplishment has been featured in the podcast with Dr.Cat who has had celebrity guest like Dave Asprey from Bulletproof coffee, JP Spears of Ultra Spiritual, and Amy Jo Goddard of Women on Fire. Besides being interviewed on the Kaleidoscope radio with Alexa Martinez, Eat, Play, Sex with Dr. Cat, and LAStreetAngel, she has interviewed influencers, coaches, and game changers. Adina Rivers has been featured on Maxim, Huffington Post, and has over 200 million views on YouTube. GoalCoast has chose Adam Roa to be featured in the top game changers and trailblazers to watch out for in 2019 next to Elon Musk, Michelle Obama, and Will Smith. Her intention is to keep mastering her abilities in speaking and interviewing to interview Jason Silva, Elliot Hulse, Matthew Hussey, and Shan Boodram. What makes Erikaa unique besides her inspiring Hero’s Journey around sexual abuse, is her curiosity for life, passion for her clients, and relentless ambition for building a better world.


On sexuality

"Most of you want to escape through simulation. We live in the age of over simulation. It’s not only porn, it’s also YouTube, Facebook, Instagram. Your mind is spinning of what direction to go. First be aware that everytime you tell yourself certain words, you train your brain to feel in a certain way. If you tell your brain your a sex addict then the memes and GIFS in your brain will mimic that. Change those visual cues with a positive reframe of who you are. How does the sexiest version and mature version of you walk, talk, feel? Then do that.

— Erikaa Briones

Her Guest