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We all have crucible moments. It’s not the adversity or trauma that makes the person.

What makes a person is the person’s resilience and becoming the phoenix rising above the ashes.

While most people are dopamine-seeking or pleasure-seeking, our current generation deserves to gain harmony.

Sexual healing is different in North America than the eastern practices of Tantra.

In North America, sex is highly polarized where it’s either aggressively exploited or hidden away as a shameful taboo

Women are starved to be nourished.

For some sexuality is robotic.

Some people are seeking a happy ending for external validation.

Sexuality goes beyond the physical.

As a result Erikaa desires to see more Latina women and mothers to feel satisfied through technology like Tantra, Spiral, EFT, etc.

Before Erikaa got pulled down the rabbit hole of personal development, she was in the sexuality space since 2012.

She has a wide variety of experiences in FBSM, Tantra, BDSM, and escorting.

Erikaa fell into deep depression, anxiety, and low self-worth.

Erikaa was lost and through studying, immersion, and healing her pain, she is now leading others back to the lighthouse.

Erikaa manifested various opportunities by being featured in various well-known podcasts and interviewing top key experts.

A few of her guest like Adina Rivers or Adam Roa have over 100-200 million views.

The dream of a joyful little girl has come true…She is creating impact, a movement, and harmony on the planet.

Now her intention is for more men and women to create harmony through her life’s work.


On sexuality

"Most of you want to escape through simulation. We live in the age of over simulation. It’s not only porn, it’s also YouTube, Facebook, Instagram. Your mind is spinning of what direction to go. First be aware that everytime you tell yourself certain words, you train your brain to feel in a certain way. If you tell your brain your a sex addict then the memes and GIFS in your brain will mimic that. Change those visual cues with a positive reframe of who you are. How does the sexiest version and mature version of you walk, talk, feel? Then do that.

— Erikaa Briones

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