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Do you like dope art?

Perhaps you are a creative.

You are someone who expresses themselves through the mediums of singing, spoken word, dance, art.

What’s different about this platform is that the theme is love and sexuality.

It’s HitRecord meets Post

The long-term intention is to create cinematic videos using some of the dope art used in the videos.

If your dope art is chosen you may get paid a small percentage.

Our philosophy is that art is sex and sex is art.

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About the Founder

Erikaa is a Spiral practitioner, writer, and the Founder of Sexy Soul Collective.

Her mission is to invite creatives to share their dope art around love and sexuality inspired by the Hit Record community.

She also aims to collaborate with other ethical and conscious brands like PMSbox.

Erikaa’s passion is growth, beauty, and conscious love and sexuality. She’s known as a musical shaman amongst many other talents.

Erikaa has been featured on established brands like “The Kaleidoscope” radio, and interviewed social media icons like Adina Rivers, Adam Roa, and Stef Stifanos.

A few of her guest have over 200 million views on YouTube.

Erika’s personal crucible story is of the “return of the joyful little girl”

A typical story most women can relate too where they were victimized by incest.

In Erikaa’s experience she was the joyful little girl til 1993 where the actual storm and metaphorical storm hit her life.

That was the year she learned to become a woman. She was also put into a cult by a Freemason, and overcame severe trauma that affected her health and sexual confidence.

In her late mid 20’s she was searching for an awakening.

Little did she know Tantra, and BDSM lead her down the path of transformation.

Now she motivates other to discover sexuality through a place of inspired-action and love.

She is now living her dream life and healing others that they can also transform their crucible story into sexual liberation.


Featured in:


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Guest Interviewed

Erikaa has interviewed a few experts, influencers, and game changers of our time.

Some of her guest have over 200 million views on YouTube, and been featured on Huffington Post, Netflix, GoalCoas, The Tonight Show, and other established publication.

Erikaa has a sweet and spiritual flavor with a tremendous curiosity that can be felt miles away.



Years in study

Erikaa has graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor’s in Child and Family development.

In 2019 Erikaa has completed her certification in the Spiral and licensed to serve more people.

In addition is trained in various modalities, teachings, and trainings specifically around love, sex, and archetypes.



Clients Impacted

Erikaa has impacted several clients in her coaching practice.

Erikaa has worked with lawyers, doctors, celebrities, writers, erotic artist, and writers.

In addition, she has spoken at a few live events, and has created over 1000 hours of content-creation from FB Lives, YouTube videos, and podcast interviews. Her aim is to train in storytelling, sex education, channeling, and additional leadership training.


In Partnership

We are collaborating with a few conscious sex toys, experts, healers, and creatives to support others on their journey around love, sex, and relationships.



Brands I Love and ENDORSE

The Waterslyde


March 2019

Once you master these principles; sound, touch, movement, breathe, visualization, then you can break the rules and be creative.



The Community

Join the FB page, and start sharing your dope art. Not everyone will be accepted. If you are ready then join below. If you have more questions then email us at


Work with Erikaa

If you are ready to invest in yourself around sexuality or transformation, then book a time with Erikaa. While we are focused on men’s sexuality, depending on the case we are open to working with women. By working with Erikaa we are confident in your results.

Collaborate with US

If you are an influencer, sex educator, press, or developer then we are open to collaborating on ideas. Email or schedule below to book a call with Erikaa


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