Who is Erikaa?


Erikaa Briones empowers heart-centered men looking to unlock their sexual confidence. She is also the founder of SexySoul Collective. This is an online sex-positive group online designed to bridge spirituality and sexuality.

Before living the lap-top free life, she was the joyful little girl. In 1993 she was living in Louisiana, the same year hurricane Andrew was the worst storm of the year. That was the same year her symbolic storm was when her stepfather taught her how to become a woman. Any time she wanted to go outside, she was raped, anytime she wanted a toy she was raped, and anytime she wanted freedom, she was raped.

Erikaa was put in a cult, and eventually in her late adulthood became a dominatrix, did escort-type work, tantra, and eventually lived a double life.
That all ended when her friend invited her to a leadership course that taught her to find her voice, heal from sexual trauma, and heal her relationship with men.

Now in 2018, she is coaching men and empowering others on their journey to also find their intimate truth to set others free and gain daily pleasure. Erikaa is grateful to be coached by KINGS, and now teaches boys to become men, especially by unlocking their erotic self-expression.

All photography provided by Jaime Eden


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