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Grateful Goddess Training Program is an exclusive training for women only. This training is designed to empower, educate, and create community specifically around sexuality. 

What is a Grateful Goddess? After examine various iconic and memorable women throughout time, I discovered a theme with their habits, lifestyle, and mindset practices. I took the best aspects of these women like Frida Kahlo, Princess Diana, Lady Gaga and broke down their archetypes. To be the "Grateful Goddess" archetype, one embodies grace, intellect, conversation, and sexual power to bend reality, break the rules, and take on the world!


Why Join?

Emotions are blocking you and holding you back from your potential, and at a point where you are ready to accelerate your growth to the NEXT-LEVEL!

You love personal growth and have a spiritual relationship of your understanding, and craving to take your power back in a radical and new way.

You are an empath and wear your heart on your sleeve, and wondering how to tap into that creative potential like several artist, musician, and influencers.

You embrace your sexual self, and ready to get naked, the vulnerable way. You are ready to change the pain you have been holding on to for year, and ready to become memorable. 

You have a story! You have a gift! You have a purpose, and ready to start NOW. 



What happens after I join?

  • Accountability Partner with another Grateful Goddess

  • Group calls via Zoom in a private Facebook group

  • Weekly guided meditations exclusive to this group only

  • Explore and examine different archetypes, and understand how to apply their strengths to apply to your relationships, work, and passions

  • As we build community in this group, the intention when the group grows is to have LIVE retreats to create memorable and life-changing experiences. 

  • Gain sexual confidence, no bullshit! We will work on creating a powerful relationship with your body, men, and your sexuality. 

  • Clear the energetic blocks with signature tools to manage stress, depression, anxiety, and trauma. 

  • Develop a heighten intuition to feel memorable when networking. The tools of a modern day "Grateful Goddess" will shift a lot of your low-energy to elegant and graceful. 



If you are a YES, and want to join the group for $69 then you get access to private training videos, accountability partners, and resources to guide you to being the best version of yourself

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