Urban Tapping: Erika's Method

Maybe you are here because you feel stuck?

You are seeking to reach your potential.

You are working on moving on, except there is resistance.

You are someone who is passionate about personal development.

You are an artist, visionary, and creator.

Your canvas is your art, your ideas, and contribution.

The only thing that stops you from going from building an empire has nothing to do with doing or needing, it’s about claiming your now purpose.

In this 5 Step Process, Erikaa will guide you through a intricate process that will rewire your nervous system, take you through your hero’s journey, and into action.

If you are ready, then schedule a session below.


Before Session

  1. Have a full rest before the time of the session

  2. Drink water and eat night before

  3. Have client wear loose fitting and comfortable clothing.

  4. Find 2-3 songs that bring up strong emotions.

  5. Have a mirror ready. (Past clients used their bathroom mirror for this)

  6. Privacy is needed so plan ahead to be in a place to use your voice fully.


During Session

  1. If we are meeting online then download Zoom, and have everything ready.

  2. Implementation-Erikaa or one of the other facilitators will take you through the 5 Step process.

  3. We ask you to have a journal, open-mind, and enough time after to ground and integrate.


Post Session

  1. After completing with session, we will check if the client's MPI's number

  2. Once we finish 4 steps then the final step will get the client to focus on the action step.

  3. After the session we encourage the client to use the time to drink water, eat something grounding, and rest before doing any high-intense work.