Urban Tapping: Erika's Method

In my Signature program, this is not your typical coaching session. This signature session inspired by my SpiritJunkie certification by Gabrielle Bernstein, you are guided to clearing out the memories that still leaves you feeling irritated, sad, and charged. Whether you are dealing with sexual trauma, divorce, or heartbreak, Erika's Method will leave you feeling lighter, happier, and clearer. To learn more about our session, read below before scheduling your session with Erika today.


Before Session

  1. Have a full rest before the time of the session

  2. Drink water and eat night before

  3. Have client wear loose fitting and comfortable clothing.


During Session

  1. Dueling the main character-Mirror work

  2. Implementation-We will work through memory of song, rate the MPI of the song, then guide client through memory of trauma event. Once client is sitting in front of the mirror, then guide the client through the EFT tapping points with guided prompts.

  3. During the Tapping- Each session is done in 3 rounds of the song. The first round, the client is tapping of the memory of the event. Tapping is a karate chop to certain energetic meridians that send a calming signal to the amygdala. Before continuing from one tapping point (above eyebrow) to below to the eye, the client is encouraged to inhale through his/her nose. Once the client transitions to tapping on his/her heart then that section is designed to declare an affirmation, or positive sentence to complete the round of the tapping session.

  4. Wrapping up the session-After each round, the client will be asked their MPI number. The goal of completing a session is to drop the number to a 2 or a 3. When completing a round with a client, we focus on releasing energy through breath work, or movement to release the last energy of the event shared out loud.


Post Session

  1. After completing with session, we will check if the client's MPI's number

  2. Once the client completes with the number, then we will do final breath work or somatic body work.

  3. 5-7 min before the session ends then allow the client to ask any last minute questions, then give client final homework.