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Erikaa Briones is the founder of SexySoulCollective. She empowers successful and heart-centered men looking to unlock their sexual confidence.

Her mission is to clean up the mess around sex. She identifies as the joyful little girl. From the age of 7 til 13 she was sexually abused everyday by her stepfather.

Eventually she was in a cult called the Rainbow Girls, and has overcome the limiting beliefs by healing her sexual abuse to fully show up for others. The story is not over.

In her early 20’s she got involved in the Erotic Arts from Tantra to BDSM. She eventually fell into heavy depression and suicidal thoughts. This all changed til her roommate, a successful dancer and entrepreneur gave her this gift to take a leadership seminar.

That was a moment everything changed! She then started feeling happier inside, and spending hours coaching for free.

In 2018 she has trained with the Evolved Masculine, interviewed tons of experts, and has a successful coaching practice. It’s her mission to hold the standards in the sacred sexuality collective. While this is the era of the #metoo movement, this are the times, when women are HIGHLY valuable.

If you are a man, then I challenge you to put your ego aside and coach with an extraordinary woman who has mentored filmmakers, authors, teachers, and lawyers.

If you are a woman looking to heal trauma, then I invite you to sign-up for a FREE session with Erikaa’s Method. It breaks the barrier of who you are and who you think you are.

This Fall season, if you are looking to understand the spiritual side of BDSM, then #ProjectBlack is a great podcast to listen to. In Episode 3, You can learn from Sex Expert Genevieve Rudolph about the 5 Languages of Sex and How to Tantalize Your Senses in BDSM, to learn more, click below to listen. If you like this, then check out Episode 1 & 2

WATCH the FREE interview with Adina Rivers with over 200 million views on YouTube, and learn about her Sensual Body Transformation


Whether you are a man looking to become a remarkable lover, you can master it and have non-ejaculatory choice. After working with men for many years and training with though-leader, Destin Gerek, we are confident in getting you results.

Whether you are a woman or man looking to heal trauma or unresolved wound within yourself whether heartbreak, divorce, or sexual abuse, then we have a program for you. We have healed many people from Lyme disease to men with Erectile dysfunction, and if this is you then you would love to hear about our Urban Tapping program.

As a free GIFT, we give out the weekly newsletter every Tuesday. If you are on Instagram, then we have fun challenges or DARES designed to teach you how to heal or activate certain chakras. Follow SexySoulCollective on Instagram to learn more about #ProjectYellow and upcoming projects, resources, sex toys, and free give-away.

Grab your free meditation below. Thus meditation is designed specifically for activating your solar plexus, and inspiring you to feel lighter, happier, and joyful no matter where in the world that you are.

GET your FREE meditation from Erikaa, and unlock your will-power, discipline, and energy to Unlock your Solar Plexus

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To read my first blogs of my transformation, then read the BLOGS below from 2015, to hear how the joyful little girl returned, and other bonus interviews.