About Erika Briones

Zen Diva workshop for women 2017

At this Spring event, I worked with 7 amazing women. At this 3 hour workshop, they learned specific meditations, emotional freedom with a twist, and dancing. My favorite part was teaching these women tantra, and connecting to each other in a powerful way. My greatest gift is shifting the blocks from pain to feeling sexually confident. 


When people first meet me, they think, "She looks Indian". Actually I am Mexicana, and actually fascinated by the Hindu culture in terms of Tantra. I grew up with an appetite for spicy food, and later salsa dancing. For several years, my friends knew me for LatinaSkin, and creating several documentaries on salsa dancing. Now in 2017, I help others with a different spicy element, and that is sex. One of the main reasons I coach on sexuality is because to be honest I used to hate it since I was sexuality abused by my stepdad during Hurricane Andrew in 1993. After my breakup in 2010, I ended up getting into different parts of sex work from Tantra to even being a dominatrix. I moved to LA, the city of Hollywood, for the purpose of being behind the camera, but kept getting my film equipment stolen. That was the BEST thing that happened to me because it lead me to the path of falling in love with spirituality, personal development, and sexuality. The moment I trained with world-class teachers like Emily Fletcher (Ziva meditation), Gabrielle Bernstein's Spirit Junkie masterclass, and several personal development courses that gave me quantum leaps into self-awareness, confidence, and clarity in every aspect of life. Here is the best part having quality sex is SEXTRAORDINARY! You get to explore that as well as how that affects your other areas of life.