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You get to have unforgettable sex!

Free yourself of the chains of yesterday's painful relationship. Become present to the delicious sensation of your partner's insatiable kisses, passion, and synchronicities. -Here is my best meditation by far!



We are like butterflies who flutter for a day, and think it is forever.”
 -Carl Sagan

For much of my life, I believed that I would be “stuck in my present” forever. I was convinced that I would be unhappy until I met “the one,” until I was accepted by “that group,”, or until I had enough cash-flow for the weekend.


Exit Strategy

I empower women in the adult industry to align, leave, and pursue their desired, soul-purpose. 

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awaken and sexually Empower

I empower shy and introverted women passionate about personal growth to embrace their sexuality, power, and creativity.

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