Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.
— Rumi

To live a sextraordinary life means you live with ultimate sexual confidence in your mind, your heart, your health, and your actions.

Through sexual confidence coaching you find healing. Through sexual confidence you have better sex. Through sexual confidence you can assure you are knowledgeable about safety and risk assessment. Through sexual confidence you can create almost anything you desire. Through sexual confidence you become SEXTRAORDINARY!

Currently the self-development online video market is growing, Headspace is worth 36 million, MindValley is worth 70 million, and Tony Robbins is one of the top leaders in personal development. However, there is a rare market for sex coaching. A few women who have developed a lucrative brand are Psalm Isadora, Layla Martin, Ester Perel, and Regena Thomashauer. My intention is to fuse the best tools from personal development, spirituality, and sacred sexuality. The reality of the situation is sex can destroy family lives, especially after the Ashley Madison controversy. This is the time for us to heal and wake-up from our virtual matrix.







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Recently met Maureen via Instagram, and discovered she created a water diverter, and allows women to comfortably position herself in a way where the water falls, where it counts. This is a clean and fun way for women to learn pleasure in the comfort of her own home. To all my SexySoul members, get your FREE discount by entering the CODE: SEXYSOUL. To learn more go to thewaterslyde

















Episode 11: A Look Inside The World of a Sexual Confidence Coach. I interview Erika and learn a hell of a lot! You can learn more about her here






Erika has over 8 years of education. She graduated from San Diego State University in a Bachelor's in Child and Family Development. Graduate of SpiritJunkie Level 1 from "Best Selling author, "The Universe Has Your Back" Gabriel Bernstein. Her biggest education is healing from her childhood trauma. To learn more about her story, click here. To learn more about her certification, click here.


With Sean Stevenson and Mindy Kniss, and met them at the SuperHero event. These individuals are coaches who have inspired the top people. Sean has inspired the Dali Lama, Bill Clinton, and Richard Branson, and has a heart of gold. Mindy has a course called the "Heart Institute" in Sedona, Arizona. When I met them I had so many tears of gratitude. The plan is to train as much as possible on myself to best serve all my clients with their goals and needs.

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